Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Postcards From Berlin book review

My rating = 4 stars

Catriona Lydgate is concerned because her daughter Daisy is sick - and isn't getting better. It doesn't help when letters start arriving from Berlin, stirring up memories of Cat's childhood that she would rather leave buried. Month after month, Cat takes her daughter to see several doctors, and none of them can figure out why Daisy is sick - unless her mother is making her sick. Suddenly Cat finds herself fighting the doctors and even her husband as she desperately tries to keep her daughter safe, find an answer to her illness, and hide her own childhood secrets that no one should know about.

Anyone who has ever had a child will love reading this book. The agony, fear, and suspense Cat Lydgate goes through for her daughter are so real and tangible. I enjoyed watching Cat's journey of accepting her past and who she was through her painting. At first she only draws and paints flowers, but as she confronts her past, her artwork begins to change too. I will say, I thought Cat's husband Richard was a jerk. Throughout the entire book, he just goes along with whatever the doctors say and think and never has a single independent thought about what could truly help his daughter get well. I don't think he ever suspects Cat of harming Daisy, but he sure doesn't help Cat get the answers she's looking for. Altogether, this is a fantastic book, a great story about a devoted mother, love and reconciliation.

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