Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book club for the time-management and decision-making challenged

Like me, I'm sure you've eyed the current bestseller table at your local bookstore, then wondered if you'll really like the book enough to buy it. We all know that just reading the inside or back covers of the book don't give you enough info about a book, and sometimes book reviews don't mention things you would want to know about. 

Or perhaps you are someone who doesn't feel you have enough time to read a book. I mean really, an entire book? Maybe after I feed and change the baby, clean the house, take the soccer team to and from practice, cook dinner for a family of 6, supervise the children with their homework and chores, then fall asleep over my mashed potatoes and meatloaf. Maybe then I'll have time to read a book (yeah, right!)

Help is here!! DearReader.com is a free email book club that lets you preview books for free and help you decide whether or not to buy the title you've been considering. When you sign up for DearReader.com, you choose which genres you want to preview. There are 12 "clubs" to choose from, as well as an AuthorBuzz club. For each club you choose, you will receive an email preview every day Monday-Friday. Each preview takes about 5 minutes to read. New titles for the week are chosen on Mondays. By Friday, you will have read 2-3 chapters of the book.

If you are the kind of person who can never get through the piles of emails accumulating in your inbox (like me), then I suggest starting with just one club. Otherwise, you will be amazed at how many titles stack up in there without your even knowing it! If you are a more efficient email reader than I am, you will be in heaven reading all the books that come your way. 

So enjoy this fun book club everyone, and happy reading!

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