Sunday, December 11, 2011

Married to Murder Blog Tour

It's time? It's time? Did she just say it's time?

Hee,'s Sunday, so thanks to my kids, I've got VeggieTales on the brain.
But, yes, it is time for the Married to Murder Blog Tour here at Finding Your Gibbee!

When I was invited to be a part of this book tour, the description of this book sounded very thrilling. A woman three hours away from her wedding suddenly finds her fiance has been framed for murder, and must clear his name before she walks down the aisle. But when I started reading, I was taken completely by surprise. 

This short story is a comedy as much as a mystery. Jennifer Oberth mixes together so many different elements into the story that it ends up being delightfully absurd - a bride-to-be, who also happens to be some sort of undercover government agent in 1827, living in Maine. Her soon-to-be husband is also a government agent, and his father is a retired pirate (really, think Long John Silver here!) But best of all is Mrs. Crabtree, the town hairdresser who is doing all the women's hair for the wedding, described as the ringleader of town gossip, but who is also deaf as a post!

This story would be terrific as a stage play. The crazy cast of characters, the farcical events that occur, and the outrageous ways the characters react to them all make a memorable comical mystery. I look forward to reading Oberth's other stories.

You can find Married to Murder, and other stories by Jennifer Oberth at Smashwords.


  1. I agree. It was a very funny mystery (which is the kind I love)

    I could see this as a play.


  2. Thank your for the wonderful review! And thank you for having me over during my Blog Tour. Happy Holidays!!