Thursday, April 26, 2012

Decluttering The Clutter

So today I started Operation TBR Reduction by sorting through ALL of my books on my shelves. My 4-year-old loved "helping" me stack the books. He and Buzz Lightyear made lots of "houses" among the books strewn all over the living room floor.

I entered every single book I haven't read into Goodreads, and then restacked them on my shelves. I was stunned to find I have seventy-seven books to read on my shelves. Ack!!! I also have another 20 books to get rid of shortly. Yes, I am truly committing heresy here by getting rid of books I haven't read yet, but it's only twenty.

Next, I went through all my ebooks, and added those to Goodreads as well. That brought my total list of titles to 155. Holy shamoley!! At this point, I feel like reading 155 books is completely not do-able, but I will not give up. This is an elephant's worth of books to "eat", but it's possible, one book at a time.


  1. Oh, how jealous I am of your measly 155 TBR books ;-) My to-read list breached 200 this month and that does NOT include most of the books on my shelf or my many free downloads on my nook. I'm terrified to go through and catalog them all. Good reading to you, friend.

  2. Ooh, such fun! I went through my whole collection, adding everything to Goodreads, when I joined the site in 2009. It took me months!

    My TBR pile dwarfs both of yours! I'm at a rather terrifying 682 right now! :O My mom says she'll take me out to dinner to celebrate when I reach 500, so that's my immediate goal. But since it just keeps going up, that could take a while... :D

  3. Wow--that is a lot of books Miss Bean! I feel guilty when I go to the library and take home 15 at a time, telling myself they are FOR THE KIDS! Ha! Well, I guess for you it's books, while for me it's fabric, huh?