Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Operation: TBR Reduction

Operation TBR Reduction Button

I found this challenge at Once Upon A Chapter, and I decided it's time to start reducing my own pile. My weekly meme Piling Up on Fridays is all about my virtual TBR pile - book titles I have found during the week that I want to read someday, but hardly any of them are books I've actually acquired. After reading about this challenge, I realized I need a whole new list for my physical TBR pile! 

Last summer I purchased a LARGE cabinet, called a "schrank" (it's German) and I have stuffed the thing full of my books. Some of them are my Gibbees that are never going away, but most of them are books that I've never even read. I have squirreled away books into every corner I can reach, and I've still got a few boxes of books in the garage that I try to forget are there.

I was just telling my mother today that I have a problem getting rid of books I've never read. It's almost sacrilegious to do so! (Bookaholic? Yeah, that's me.) Well, here's where the problem lies. If I keep acquiring books, but NEVER read them, and ethically forbid myself to get rid of them until I HAVE read them, well, I'm just in a crapload of trouble, aren't I???

So I'm going to participate in this challenge to reduce my physical TBR pile. My ultimate goal is to only have Gibbee books on my shelves, all of them read, and nothing else! As for my virtual TBR pile, I have made a goal to read at least one title every month. It's a start, and maybe when my physical TBR pile is under control, I can start tackling my virtual TBR pile (and let's not even start with my ebooks!)

*sigh* One day, one book at a time....

Happy reading everyone!


  1. Yay, you're joining this one too! I'm here for you, supporting you in this greatest of challenges! :P

    My TBR pile right now is 682 books. :| There are a few ebooks on there, but the vast majority of them are physical books that I own. And the pile has been getting bigger every month. It's time to break the cycle!

  2. You and I are in the same boat. I CAN'T get rid of a book that I haven't read. It's just not in my power to do so. I acquire them quite rapidly and then read maybe five a month. The numbers are just not pretty. I refuse to name a number because it's highly embarrassing but, yeah, I need help!

    I'm so glad you decided to join this challenge and help to keep me accountable. :)