Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Dream Home

I made such an awesome discovery today, I just had to share!!!

When I was little I lived in Des Moines, near Drake University where my dad was a student. We always lived in old houses, old bungalows, probably because they were cheap and close to campus. I particularly remember the last house we lived in. It had a large front porch, a big kitchen (well, it was big to a five-year-old), and the staircase had its own doorway. I had lots of fun playing in that house. I remember helping my mom take the laundry from upstairs all the way down to the basement. She would put the laundry in pillowcases, and then my sister and I would pretend we were Santa, dragging the pillowcases down the stairs and saying "Ho, ho, ho!"

If I could choose the exact house I wanted to build and live in forever, it would be that house. I also loved my gramma's house, another old bungalow with lots of character, but my house was the best! So tonight I was playing around online, looking at bungalow floor plans (yes, I am quite weird). Suddenly, I came upon this picture:

THIS IS MY HOUSE!!!! I looked over the floorplan meticulously and was so amazed to find it was exactly the same! My house was painted white, the roof was red-shingled, and we didn't have a fireplace. We also didn't have flowers strewn all over the place, but I sure would have loved that. Isn't it just darling?? Someday, maybe in heaven, I will live in this house once again. I guess you could say this is my Gibbee house.


  1. It's very, very cute. I could definitely imagine myself living there - with lots of flowers and a huge shade tree in one corner. Oh, yes! It's just my size!

  2. It moves me to find people inspired by their happy childhood. They would give anything to relive their past - the games they used to play, those cherished memories with their parents, and, yes, the house itself. I'm sure you don't have to wait till you're in heaven to live in that house again.... I hope things go your way.

  3. Not everyone experienced a happy childhood, that’s why you’re fortunate enough to have good memories! You know, you can always make your dreams come into reality – and dreams do really come true! Everything is possible and you don’t need to be in heaven just to have a chance to live in that house once again. There’s a lot of ways you can do, you just have to be really determined and persevere towards that goal.