Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New book giveaways this week

I love book giveaways! Especially ones that are easy to enter. Most times I will not bother entering a book giveaway if there are more than two or three entry requirements (unless it's a totally awesome book!)

Here are a few new giveaways you should definitely look into.

The first giveaway is from March House Books Blog. This is an 1850 edition of The Girls Own Book, published by William Tegg & Co, London. Isn't it just gorgeous?!?  Here is a description of the book from MHBB:

The contents page is a joy to read… from exercises including the bow and arrow, cup and ball, snow-balling and swinging to baskets (allspice, alum, feather, clove, lavender, wafer and so on). Followed by bees, charades, enigmas, forfeits, games, knitting, netting, crochet, ornaments, puzzles, riddles and miscellaneous items including a branch of roses, maxims for health and gracefulness and the self-satisfied duck!

You can find more details about the book and enter the giveaway here. The winner will be chosen December 11th.

A Musing Reviews is giving away two books this week:

The first book is One Hundred and One Nights by Benjamin Buchholtz. From the reviews I have read so far, this is an amazing book. I put it on my TBR list the moment I first heard about it a couple months ago. Read a book summary and enter the giveaway here.
The second book is Queen of America by Luis Alberto Urrea. AMR's author, Nancy, is giving this one away as a "birthday" present - she just had a birthday, so she's giving you the present! Read a book summary and enter the giveaway here

Happy reading, everyone!

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  1. Thank you so much for including a link to my giveaway on your lovely blog.