Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Humming Bird Book Trailer

This trailer is for The Humming Bird: Madness in Crescendo 
by Isabella and Irena de Wardin. 

Their debut novel, The Humming Bird is described as a satiric dystopia.

"Newly democratized Voskia is off its trolley when an astute, sanguinary politician marches for presidency; the promise of genocide hangs thick in the air and the heart of resistance beats within a single, particular individual. Knowledge, a powerful weapon, shall drag this protagonist into series of unforgettable adventures. Music, a cheerful, rebellious messenger, bringer of sensual magic and madness will be a guide throughout the darkness of a newborn disaster. Maria’s shadowy, wintry life shall be lit by warm melodies capturing wisps of dreams, putting them back into words, into music."

For more information about the de Wardin sisters, please visit them on Book Blogs or Facebook. The Humming Bird can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


  1. You've won a book on my blog, but you didn't leave your email as instructed so I can't contact you! Please email me with your address so I can send it to the publisher.

  2. Interesting and added to my to-read shelf :) Thanks for sharing!