Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome New Gibbee Followers!

Hello, all you new Gibbee followers out there! Thank you for joining this family of book lovers, bibliophiles, and eager readers. I am so happy you're here to share your love of reading with me, and hopefully your visits here will inspire you to find your Gibbee in new and undiscovered ways.

Lots of new followers have been asking me lately, What is Gibbee all about?
Well, first I will direct you to my October post What is Gibbee? I created this blog with the hope of discovering Gibbee for myself as I explore my fascination for books and writers, and also to let you, my readers, be inspired to look for Gibbee in areas of literature you would never have thought of looking before.

Most book blogs have a specific literary genre they follow. Right now, I personally think there are more "YA paranormal romance" blogs out there than any other! Finding Your Gibbee doesn't follow a specific genre, mainly because I can't name just one genre I like to read. I read almost everything! And I find inspiration and motivation in so many different places.

So when you come by to visit us here at Gibbee, take a minute and let us know if you have found Gibbee recently. Share your new found passion with us!

Happy reading everyone

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  1. Found your blog through the blog hop and started following - looking forward to reading your posts!